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China Files is the premier destination for comprehensive coverage of Chinese news tailored for an Italian audience.

The need for a new brand identity arose from their expanding presence across various channels, platforms, and formats.
This called for a logo that is not only recognizable but also adaptable to thrive in this diverse and dynamic landscape.

Brand Identity
Editorial Design

The logo features a very clean typography and incorporates the color red, a deliberate homage to the Chinese history. In a subtle yet significant deviation, the stars in the Chinese flag are replaced by the asterisk, serving as a symbolic nod to the editorial essence ot the project.
China Files Logo and Brand Identity
The asterisk is traditionally employed for footnotes or endnotes, allowing authors to provide additional insights and cite sources. Similarly, China Files is dedicated to offering its audience a profound understanding of China that delves beneath the surface.
The symbolic use of the asterisk mirrors the commitment to providing enriched and nuanced information, inviting readers to explore the layers of depth in their coverage of Chinese affairs.
China Files Logo and Brand Identity
The new logo is accompanied by a set of variations tailored to accommodate different sections of the newspaper.

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